Prioritize Lifelong Wellness

Surgical Specific

You are nearing your three-month mark, since your surgery. The primary recovery phase (“Re-FORM”) is coming to an end.

By now:

  1. You have fully implemented a daily, low impact aerobic routine (30-60 min day).
  2. Your preoperative pain should be much improved.
  3. Your postoperative pain has improved, but may come and go based off of activity type and length.
  4. You should have completed most of your physical therapy (10-12 visits).
  5. You have mastered level 2 or 3 exercises from my core stabilization program.
  6. You should be off pain meds (unless you were on high doses prior to surgery).
  7. You have already returned to work, if you have a more sedentary job – office etc. Manual laborers require 3-6 months off work.

At your 3 month appointment, Dr. Prusmack will go over your:

  1. 3 month CT scan and Xrays
  2. Clinical progress
  3. Any questions or concerns
  4. Pain medications
    1. Future prescriptions
    2. Pain Management - Dr. Prusmack will NOT fill any pain medications after three months.
  5. Work status (if indicated)
  6. Activity status (clearance)
    1. For increasing weight tolerance
    2. Resuming moderate impact exercise and resistance training
    3. Bending, lifting, and twisting (BLT) restrictions
    4. Starting Re-FIT phase
    5. BASE score

Your clearance for activity and work (if indicated) will depend upon:

  1. Your CT showing a healing fusion.
  2. Your pain and function having improved appropriately.
  3. Your ability to complete the level 2 or 3 core exercise test.

Surgical Fitness

Remember recovery is not the end ... it is just the beginning.

Now is your opportunity to become more physically, biologically, and mentally FIT then you have EVER been. With a new spine, you now have a new lease on life – use it. But remember, mastery of core endurance and symmetry is essential to create the firm foundation for the spine, so you now can safely rebuild total body strength, endurance, balance, speed, and mobility. In addition, it is a lifelong commitment to daily core exercises that will prevent future back problems – not just the first 3 months after surgery. My BASE program and core exercises are designed to keep you engaged for a lifetime. That’s why your next phase, Re-FIT, is just as important as your recovery phase, Re-FORM.

Make Your 3-month BASE Score Appointment Now

Contact your physical therapist, fitness provider, and/or a BASE specialist, about doing your 3-month BASE evaluation and starting the “Re-FIT” phase safely.


Surgical Wellness


By now you may have experienced the benefits of the supplements you began taking before surgery or began taking upon the recommendation by Dr. Carriere to assist in improving your biomarkers and wellbeing.

If you chose to take Recovery Essentials (ProteinPrutect and Liquid VitaminD3) or other Surgical Support Supplements and are running low on supply, you may wish to revisit these links.

Blood Work

If you have a requisition for suggested follow-up Surgical Fitness Assessment blood work (hormone and/or micronutrient testing), make an appointment ASAP with Cristina for your lab draw Tuesday or Friday morning (99 Inverness Dr. East Suite #100, Englewood, CO 80112 Phone: 303.225.8120 x 4). Following up on these tests will check your success with the supplements you chose to start taking before surgery and also help us make any adjustments to further your personalized health initiative. If there is follow up needed or you have further questions about your lab work and health, make an appointment with your prescribing physician.


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