Achieve Positive Mindset

The 'Relaxation Response' (Read More Here), coined by Dr Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard's Mind Body Institute, is your ability to scientifically use the mind to foster a positive biochemical state. Applying this technique has repeatedly shown to maintain low stress levels, improve well-being, and better surgical outcomesi. Focus and RELAX!

You have worked diligently to optimize your nutritional health, to preserve your physical fitness, and now to focus on taking the lead in your surgical recovery.

By now you have completed the necessary pre-operative steps:

There are a few details to remember just prior to surgery:

List to bring to the hospital:

In order to ensure you stay on the path of optimal recovery and overall nutritional wellness, I suggest you verify you have the necessary amounts of the immunonutrition products that have been recommended. If not, I recommend that you once again start taking your Protein and Vitamin D3 of choice or


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